About Us

Sciens Water Opportunities Fund

Sciens Water was conceived in 2015 and the Sciens Water Opportunities Fund launched in 2018 to make control investments in private companies that address the big problems facing U.S. water infrastructure today, with a focus on utilities, transmission and distribution, and wastewater treatment and recycling.

Sciens Water looks for opportunities where it can apply value-added strategies to help water and wastewater businesses grow into leading national platforms, while generating both current income and capital appreciation for its investors.

Sciens Water Opportunity Fund Investment Team


John Rigas

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


Daniel Standen



Alex Loucopoulos



Heramb Ramachandran

Chief Financial Officer


Henry Cordes

Principal / Director of Sustainability


Tom Rooney

Chairman, Operating Committee


Tom Iovino

Chairman of the Advisory Board


Seth Siegel

Advisory Board Member

Our Partners

MIT Water

MIT Water is the premier network for water research and innovation at MIT. Our mission is to bring together creative, passionate, and motivated individuals to explore ways by which research, innovation, and policy can help solve the most pressing challenges in the water sector.

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Founded in January 2008, the Columbia Water Center is committed to understanding and addressing both the role and scarcity of fresh water in the 21st century. The Water Center was established for the purpose of studying the diminishing levels of fresh water and creating innovative sustainable and global solutions.

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Since 2012, the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative has been promoting economic and environmental security and stability along the Mississippi River Corridor. There are 124 Mississippi River main stem cities and towns. These riparian population centers are soundly River-centric. MRCTI gives a common voice to those who depend most upon the River, and by virtue of doing so, spans political and economic interests.

Sciens Water is honored to serve as an Advisory Board Member to the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative

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Blue Tech Research

BlueTech Research is a global provider of water technology market intelligence, founded in 2011. Through our global team, as well as our presence at conferences and meetings worldwide, we are in constant touch with innovators in the water industry, large and small.

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