Bid and Proposal Support

Our team are experts at winning bids and proposals in the defense market space. Our subject matter experts will supply your team with exceptional tools and resources to compete successfully in this arena. VTMB, LLC offers:

  • Bid and Proposal Capture Strategies
  • Competition Analysis
  • Proposal Writing and Evaluations – Black Hat Reviews
  • Color Team Reviews

Operations Assessments and Improvement Planning

We pride ourselves, not only on proposal capturing but thorough execution. Our team can help and train in flawless execution of programs once you receive the order. We offer the following in operations and planning:

  • Operations Assessment
  • Program Execution Plans
  • Improvement Planning
  • Value Stream Mapping

Program and Risk Management

Successful program execution relies on sound tactical management and risk mitigation in order to experience profitably successful execution. VTMB, LLC offers the best in program management techniques and risk management as well as opportunity capture tools. Below is a short list of our offerings:

  • Program Management Strategies
  • Program Management Tools and Resources
  • Risk Management Identification & Strategies
  • Risk Management and Opportunity Capture Tools and Resources


Strategic Supplier Assessments and Supply Chain Management Services

Successful execution of a program requires impeccable supply chain management and strategic alliances for raw material and supplies. Once you win a government contract you cannot be held hostage by a poor supply base. VTMB, LLC offers:

  • Strategic Supplier Assessements
  • Risk Mitigation and Backup Supplier Selection
  • Supply Chain Management Services
  • Supply Base Timeline for Successful Program Execution